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English Learning Meetups for 3 persons

Group of 3 persons-Gruppo di 3 persone-Prices are in Canadian $Dollars

  • 45 minutes
  • Online

Service Description

English Meetups are for any language level students, travellers, teachers and professionals who need help with their exam preparations, meetings, conference presentations, business or leisure travels, as well as business or study abroad interviews. These classes are designed for friends or family that would like to organize their own private customized language learning, decide when and how to follow their tailored lessons, and split the cost among the participants. You will decide the day and time slots you prefer. Choose which of the following topics you are interested in: 1. General English for everyday use. Fundamental for whatever may be the need for learning the language, whether that be for general knowledge, work related, academic or travel. 2. Travel English which focus on the language needed either for leisure travel or for business travel. 3. Conversational English for becoming confident and expressive speakers. Useful for growing students' language understanding, and therefore developing their speaking skills. We will help you on various features of the spoken language, including effective use of idioms and slang, as well as public speaking. 4. English Exam Preparation for High School, University or College students. 5. Ielts and Toefl certifications for academic or work related purposes. For students who wish to apply and attend Universities abroad, for professionals who would like to work in an English speaking country, and for immigration related matters. 6. Business English for entrepreneurs, and professionals who need the language in their jobs, meetings, conferences and business travels. Join our online meetups with our experienced English mother tongue teacher, and meet your friends comfortably seated from your home or office. This service is available in three convenient monthly plans: 1. English Four-Class Online Gold Meetups Language Plan 2. English Eight-Class Online Pro Meetups Language Plan 3. English Twelve-Class Online VIP Meetups Language Plan Choose your plan according to your language goals and the time you have to dedicate to learning. All programs focus on speaking, listening, reading, writing, and pronunciation, and include a free assessment session with any chosen plan. All you need is a mobile, tablet or laptop, a built-in or external webcam, headsets (only if necessary), and good internet connection.

Contact Details

647 463 9556

Toronto, ON, Canada

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