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Fashion is one of the largest industries in the world, and it continues to grow by reaching global markets.

A great fashion product will inevitably grow outside its own country.

There are studies that show that most customers would not buy on a poorly translated website, and often it would result on a loss of image.

In addition, even auto-translated content will penalize your search engine ranking, or remove it from the search results index.

Fashion translation, aside from the foreign words, also requires deep knowledge about the culture and the target language, in order to adapt the content perfectly. This is what is known as localizing a text.

Localization most certainly would not be taken into account by an automatic translator or done correctly by a translator that is not a native speaker of the language.

In addition to being native, it is extremely important that translators have a deep knowledge of the fashion sector, in order for them to understand perfectly how a user from that country thinks, along with any terminological changes.

A mistake which is often made by not working with native translators, is also not taking into account that localization of products even among countries with the same language is crucial to business. For example, in the United Kingdom the term ‘pants’ is used to talk about underwear, while in the United States it is used for trousers. 

Therefore, apparel companies understand the importance of translation and interpreting for their business.

Fashion translation covers many areas of marketing and production. Here are some of the ways fashion businesses need translation:

  • Stores: store signs, internal documents, manuals, training presentations.

  • Websites: online stores and catalogs, blog posts, magazine articles.

  • Advertising: billboards, posters, expos, banners.

  • Internet Ads: Adwords campaigns, ad banners, affiliate marketing.

  • Social Media: social profile identity, posts copy, images translation.

  • Catalogues: booklets, store promotions.

  • Emails: email marketing.

Languages Plus International pays close attention to the image of your brand and its placement on the international market.

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