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Translation, Localization and Transcreation

Blog & Website Content Writing


Languages Plus International is a team of high-level translators who have developed a thorough mastery not only of the language but also of their area of expertise.

Translation is a very important process for conveying the meaning from the source language to the target language, but it's not enough. Localization is your second step, it plays another fundamental role when the message of your website, product, or marketing campaign must reach the public of a different country and culture from yours.

Here are some simple definitions:

  • TRANSLATION is the process of changing an original (source) language version of content such as web text, multimedia, eBooks, apps into a different (target) language. This occurs by substituting words from one language to another—in context, respecting grammar rules and syntax. It’s not a word-to-word translation, but a complex process that takes into account each language’s standards and guidelines. You need translation to rewrite user manuals, medical documents, technical publications, scientific journals, and literature, among other things. Translators must produce accurate work to make sure the message in the target language keeps the original meaning of the source text.

  • LOCALIZATION is a more specialized process of adapting your content for regional or local consumption. Websites, multimedia, software, mobile apps, video games, and voiceover localization, goes beyond translation to modify the source language and other elements to appeal to the customer’s cultural preferences in his/her own target language. Localization means you’ll need to provide different content for Argentina, Mexico, and Spain, even though these countries have Spanish as their official language. Just as English varies from the UK to the US, Australia, and Canada. Most languages have local versions and dialects that you need to consider when building your marketing strategy. For your business to be successful, translation must go along with localization, in order to gain the trust of the local public. Selling in a foreign country means more than overcoming language barriers, it means coming up with a customized message, specially made for each local audience. To globalize your business, you need to localize for each country in line with local culture.

  • TRANSCREATION is the merger of two words: translation and creation. Creative translation is a concept used to describe the process of adapting a message from one language to another while maintaining its intent, style, tone, and context. Whereas translation is about producing an accurate and idiomatic rendering of the original text.


We provide reliable and high-quality translation services and deliver your translated documents only after careful linguistic verification performed by our experienced revisers.

Prices are based on word count, source and target language, and the complexity of the document to be translated.

We translate in any of the following sectors. Please contact us if your field of business is not listed.

  • Travel and Tourism

  • Web and Marketing

  • Banking, Finance, and Insurance

  • Real Estate and Construction

  • Law

  • Human Resources

  • Environment

  • Health and Safety

  • Engineering

  • Retail and Ecommerce

  • Administration

  • Food and Beverage

  • Transportation

  • Luxury

  • Telecommunications

  • Mining sector

  • Oil sector

  • Automotive industry

  • Natural resources

  • Procurement

  • Literature

  • Education and learning

  • Fashion and beauty

  • Health

  • Consumer sciences

  • Life sciences

  • Arts and culture

  • Entertainment

  • Sports industry

We translate:

·  Notarized translations

·  Manuals and technical documents

·  Contracts and financial documents

·  Advertising copies

·  Web pages

·  General correspondence

·  Personal documents

·  Diplomas, educational documents, and course descriptions

·  Legal documents

·  Marketing, sales, and retail materials


We provide translation in the following languages and not only:

·  English

·  French

·  Italian

·  German

·  Spanish

·  Portuguese

For a quote or requests in any other language not listed, please contact us.


We know how much time and effort it takes to write blogs and website content, as well as all the creativity and research that goes along with it, and we know how important and valuable they are for driving traffic to your website, keeping close contact with customers and engaging with new ones. 

We are also aware of how busy you and your staff are with running your business. So let us do the writing, and allow yourselves to dedicate 100% of your time to your work and your customers.

We can help you with your blog and website content writing, finding royalty-free photos for your content, and of course, translating it all into other languages.

Feel free to contact us, we would be enthusiastic to discuss and be part of your projects!

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