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One of the challenges that global marketers face is translating the values of luxury brands,  such as excellence and desirability.  Content must convey the brand's reputation across different countries and cultures.

It's essential to have an excellent understanding of the language and in-depth knowledge and awareness of the purchasing habits of local and foreign consumers. This requires attention to detail, creativity, versatility, perfectionism, and the ability to bring the brand's personality to life.

Internet and social media have made it possible for companies to reach customers on multiple platforms at all times of the day and target their audience with a variety of interactive advertisements. Still, it takes more than a well-planned online campaign to establish a lasting presence within foreign markets and make a return on international investment.

A high-quality translation of the brand's message is essential for developing a successful localization and expansion strategy. Through translation and transcreation, brands can create a unique voice, allowing them to set apart from competitors and establish a distinctive presence on the market. This will translate into successful global brand recognition.

  • Transcreation is content translation with a knowledgeable, creative spin.

  • With transcreation, your brand and marketing messages aren't just translated; they are transformed to strike the right notes in the language and culture of the country you are targeting.

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