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Travel and Hospitality

Tourism is one of the industries most needing translation, due to the diversity of the people, languages and cultures in contact with each other, and also the ever-increasing demands for localization of contents in multiple languages. Essentially, translation forms part of the effort to prepare each country for foreign tourists, who do not necessarily speak the local language, so these tourists can discover that country’s culture and what it has to offer visitors.

This need to translate content related to travel, culture and tourism cuts across various formats - websites, catalogues, brochures, menus, flyers, tour materials, travel guides or signage, in the various business areas in which the tourist industry moves, and things that people will typically use when they're on holiday.

The work of translators is therefore fundamental for airports, hotels, restaurants, museums, tourist guides or tour operators, seeking the best way to communicate their services and meet the needs of tourists.

Travel and tourism companies and officials want people to remember their stay for all the right reasons and come back in the future, as well as telling other people about their visit, and memorable and magical time on their holiday. 

For companies that are serious in their efforts to attract, retain and please tourists, it's vitally important that translation is carried out correctly. Get it right, and you have a consumer mesmerised by your fantastic products and services who might well give you business. But get it wrong, and no matter how good your business might be, chances are people are not going to stop for much more than a photo opportunity. 

It's essential that translators are fluent in both source and target language, so they can retain the magical, mesmerising tones used to sell holidays and activities, even after translation. 

It's the reason people will go on holiday, and the reason they'll remember it and want to come back.

In a world where tourism now relies so heavily on the internet for word of mouth marketing as well as booking, it's more important than it's ever been for companies and other organisations to get their translation right.

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