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7 Top Reasons to learn English as a Second Language

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

It is known that English, the “Lingua Franca”, is the language that we all share to communicate. It’s the language that makes it possible for companies to spread their business across the globe, for people to apply for more appealing work #opportunities in countries other than their own, for students to study abroad, and for travellers to feel comfortable at all times no matter where they are headed in the world.

English has become the language spoken in many areas and disciplines. Economic, social, technological, and political factors have made it a desirable language for many to learn.

About 1.5 billion of the earth’s inhabitants speak English, which counts up for about 20% of the entire world’s population. About 360 million speak English as their first language.

There are around 67 countries that speak English as their first language and 27 countries that speak English as their second official language.

Reasons Why You Should Learn English:

1. Career Opportunities

Companies search for employees who can communicate with their #business partners and clients all over the world, and knowing English will enable you to qualify for #JobInterviews which will likely get your foot in the door.

Are you #JobHunting? Are you after a promotion within your #company? Are you struggling to make yourself understood or to write an email?

Learning English will make your #goals possible. Even if you may not need the language right now, you should always be ready to keep your professional options open.

What if unexpectedly you had the chance to apply for the job you have been dreaming of? Although you may have all the #skills required, you might not qualify because your English is too poor.

So, apart from whatever future career, you may pursue, learning English will be a valuable skill to add to your resume.

2. Global Business

If you want to take your business to the next level, English proficiency will be one of the most important keys to success. #Global businesses speak English, and those who can communicate better are the ones who are most likely to close sales and potentially have the strongest economies.

English has become the major language for finance and the stock markets, it’s the official language for the airline and shipping industries, and of utmost importance in #export.

Also doing business on the internet requires good English. Well-written website content will attract more customers and give your business credibility.

3. Applying to #StudyAbroad

In order to obtain a student visa, you will be required to pass an #IELTS (#International English Language Testing System) or #TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test, and you will be asked for a minimum passing score depending on the #college or #university you are aiming at. A #student visa will not only help you with your studies abroad, but it will also help you to work in some English-speaking countries.

4. Going Social

As we all know, the internet mainly speaks English. If you want to make good use of all its online resources, you should read, write, speak and understand English.

Are you a Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, or Messenger user? Do you use them just to chat and make new friends, or do you need them for work, to make research and market your brand?

Well, whatever your answer is, one thing is sure, your English knowledge will play an important role.

English will make it possible to communicate with your friends, and it will be the key to success whichever your aim is in your business.

Writing email correspondence is also vital for businesses to communicate with their customers or partners all over the world. It is in most cases the primary means businesses use to communicate.

Also, video making has become very common as a way of #marketing business #brands on socials and promoting individuals’ work online, such as #influencers, tutors, and bloggers.

Does it ever happen to you that you aren’t able to read a book or a news article because they are only written in English? Does watching movies in their original language get frustrating because you are too concentrated on reading the subtitles or translating into your native #language, and therefore you’re not enjoying the movie? Have you ever been out to dinner and you were the only person among your friends who couldn’t speak or understand #English?

Don’t miss out on all the entertainment, learning English will make it possible to make new friends, get to know them and enjoy an evening out to a restaurant, a bar, or a party, and have some good relaxed conversation. Also watching a movie on Netflix or reading your favourite book will not be a problem anymore.

Travelling around the #world can get quite frustrating if you can’t speak English. Difficulties start with booking your flight ticket, hotel, or hostel. Yes, it’s true that a friend can help you out with that, but what about when it comes to getting around the country you are visiting, if you’re not fully independent you will not enjoy your trip 100%.

Don’t you think that dedicating some of your time to learning English would take some of the struggles off your vacation? Well, my answer would be a definite YES.

There are so many precious moments you may miss out on if you can’t communicate well. Going on a guided tour for example. I have seen this happen many times on my vacations, where I met #Italian people on tours (I’m English-Italian bilingual) who didn’t understand English, so they would gather around me while I translated everything the guide said. I honestly didn’t mind, but I feel that their experience would have been more personal if they didn’t need to rely on others. Furthermore, they were lucky to find somebody who spoke their language and was able to translate, but such luck doesn’t always happen.

Other good reasons for speaking English when travelling is for asking directions, in case of medical need, or for reporting any problems one could experience. Ordering at a restaurant can be a problem too, an example is if you are allergic or intolerant to some food and you need to tell the waiter to make some changes.

7. Brain Benefits

Research shows that learning a second language benefits cognitive abilities regardless of when you start. It enhances intelligence and memory, helps with concentration, can make you more creative, improves decision-making skills and multi-tasking abilities, helps keep your brain healthier into old age, and lowers the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's.

Students learning another language will experience growth in the hippocampus and the area in the cerebral cortex linked to learning languages, and young adults that are proficient in two #languages perform better in attention tests than those who speak only one language.

Well, I feel these are good enough reasons to start learning English, and if you already have taken some courses in the past, but don’t get the chance to practice because you live in a non-native English speaking country, I advise you to continue with a few classes per month, so that you may keep up with what you have learned so far and constantly build up by adding more #knowledge. It’s really very much like going to the gym to get fit, but the moment you quit because you feel you are in good shape and don’t need to exercise anymore, your muscles start losing tone and get stiff, fat builds up over muscle, and you end up having to start all over again from scratch.

Don’t ever think that there’s only so much you can learn, practice makes perfect, it’s all up to you!

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