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Our strength is choosing the right words for your industry to communicate in any language around the globe by creating marketing-adapted language services. We give voice to your company's brand, create partnerships, and adapt content to any culture to tell the world your ideas.

The services we provide are translation, localization, transcreation, brand adapted marketing, website content writing, proofreading, interpretation services, and language learning courses...

Our Services

Our long work experience in the language services industry enabled us to do what we are best at. Please contact us for any service which isn't mentioned in this section, or calendar dates in the online booking section that show as unavailable, we may be able to help you.

Our Services

Interpretation Services

We provide consecutive Video, Over-The-Phone and In Person interpretation services in English and Italian for interviews, assessments, meetings, 

business negotiations, and any type of appointment or situation in which individuals and businesses need to communicate.

Consecutive interpreting is mainly used in these cases, where the speaker pauses so that an interpreter can translate the whole phrase or sentence[...]

Marketing Translation

Marketing Translation is more than just translating into a target language; it's about accurately conveying the correct marketing message to promote a brand and fully engage with users[...]

Language Learning Walking Tours

We organize walking tours in English and Italian aimed at Learning the language while discovering Toronto. It's a dynamic way to[...]

Business English and Language Consultancy

Business English and Italian focused on language fluency for professionals[...]

 Language Pronunciation


Learning Meetups


These classes will help you become confident and expressive English or Italian speakers[...]

English and Italian

Video or Over-The-Phone Classes include:

1. General English and Italian for everyday use.

2. Travel English and Italian for tourism and professional needs[...]



IELTS and TOEFL Exam Preparation will help students gain the skills, confidence, and techniques needed to take exams and achieve their desired scores[...]

Transcreation Services

We provide reliable and high-quality translation services and will deliver your translated documents only after careful linguistic verification is performed by our experienced revisers[...]

  Blog & Website   Content Writing

We know how much time and effort it takes to write blogs and website content, as well as all the creativity and research[...]

White Brick Wall

“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity”

Randy Pausch

Careers - Join our Network

We are always seeking for dedicated and reliable people who are passionate about the industry and would like to build a solid long-term relationship with us.

The kind of freelance language experts we look for know multiple languages, understand the cultures that go along with them, and have experience or knowledge of the technical industries that we work with.


If you fit this description and are skilled in the tasks required to provide an accurate translation to another language that you are an expert in, we would love to have you working on translations and interpretation services with us. 


We would also love to have teachers join our team of English and Italian native speakers who have experience teaching their language online, so please forward your resume.

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